In 2010, the minds behind The Par 3 Tour LLC dreamt of a way to play golf like the pros without requiring the skill level of a pro. When it comes down to brass tacks, we love playing golf. Period. But there just wasn’t any kind of competitive tournament out there for players of our average skill levels. That’s when we took matters into our own hands!

To give some perspective, when you play in a normal tournament, you’re required to trudge through an 18 hole course and the process usually takes all day. At The Par 3 Tour LLC, we decided to slash that in half and play a 9 hole, all par 3 course. This speeds up the golfing process and makes it more fun and competitive for everyone involved!

Based in Southern California, we’ve been organizing our Par 3 tournaments since January of 2013. Since that time, we’ve seen Average Joes walk away with big cash prizes and St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital receive $2,500 in donations from our events. From start to finish, including our post-game awards ceremony, our tournaments take roughly 3 hours only.

You can register for any of our events by purchasing an entry through our Store. Additionally, we have some memorabilia for sale, such as hats – that way you can show your Par 3 Tour LLC pride at our events! Tournaments are held on Saturdays.  Before you decide to register for an event, please read our Terms, Conditions & Rules and then Contact Us for any questions or feedback you may have. We can’t wait to welcome you to one of our events and see you walk away with some cold, hard prize cash!

The Team